Bourse & Bazaar is dedicated to the exchange of information and ideas related to commercial opportunities in Iran and their potential social impact. The website is a platform to share analysis and insight which will provide deeper context for that goes beyond the headlines. We publish original content from contributing business leaders and industry experts, as well as market research and feature interviews and profiles. Our aim is to provide high-quality, attractive, and accurate media products to serve the Iranian and global business communities and they collaborate on bringing post-sanctions opportunities to fruition. 

Bourse & Bazaar is fully independent and has no ties to any political institutions or advocacy groups. We believe as a matter of principle that engagement and open dialogue are the only means to ensure Iran's successful and responsible reentry into the international community. 

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Bourse & Bazaar is a holding of BHB Emissary, an Iran-focused business media company. BHB was established as the organizer of the Europe-Iran Forum conference series, with landmark events in London (2014), Geneva (2015), and Zurich (2016). BHB Emissary is committed to enabling "business diplomacy" through the development of innovative media and communications platforms. 

Learn more about the Europe-Iran Forum here. 

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