Economy + Policy E1:R6

◢ Iran's parliament has approved a budget amendment design to help the government pay-off long standing debt, now at IRR 6 quadrillion.

◢ Concerns linger that the amendment, which had been rejected four times, will create inflationary pressure by expanding the money supply. 

Financial Markets E1:R7

◢ Iran's capital markets have been competing with attractive bonds for investor liquidity, but dropping inflation rates should bring demand back into the TSE

◢ As expected, the USD/IRR exchange rate has stabilized around 35,000 as speculation subsides following increased measures by CBI towards rate unification. 

Financial Markets E1:R5

◢  Export-focused sectors have been given a boost by CBI steps towards a unified currency rate 

◢  The refinery and mining and metals stocks drove another week of gains on the TSE, buoyed by improved outlook Iranian market share in global trade 


Economy + Policy E1:R5

◢ CBI figures show that liquidity is moving from term-deposits to short-term deposits in line with falling deposit rates

◢ The sixth development plan sets an ambitious target of 8% annual growth and stipulates goals for the economic and the public sector

Financial Markets E1:R4

◢ The markets have regained momentum with investors reacting positively to plans to lower the bank lending rate to 10% this Iranian calendar year 

◢ Iran's financial markets regulator, the Securities and Exchange Organization, has a new head, widely respected by investors 

Economy + Policy E1:R3

◢ As inflations reaches all-time lows, money supply continues to rise, but CBI governor Seif remains confident that the economy is not overheating 

◢ Parliament has blocked a critical budget amendment devised by the Rouhani administration to pay government debts and address the country's credit crunch

Financial Markets E1:R3

◢ Markets are stable reacting primarily to a global rebound in equities and commodity prices 

◢ Company revenues will remain flat as market fundamentals have not shifted and Iran has not yet seen the impact of post-sanctions capital inflows 

Economy + Policy E1:R2

◢ Iran agrees an "action plan" with the Financial Action Task Force to improve the integrity of the country's AML-CTF efforts

◢ Inflation has reached a 25 year low as the Rouhani administration reaches its goal of single-digit inflation