About Indicator


What is Indicator?

Indicator is an initiative from Bourse & Bazaar that provides a forum for economists working on Iran to present notable research findings and valuable data to an audience of business leaders and policymakers. With this project, we invite scholars and researchers working on Iran to become more actively involved in the conversations that shape and inform the community’s understanding of Iran’s economy, including its political and social dimensions. By presenting research-driven insights in an accessible and dynamic format, we want to promote a more sophisticated, evidence-based discussion of Iran’s economy that goes beyond the headlines.

Who can write for Indicator?

Our authors are scholars working on Iran’s economy within the disciplines of economics, political science, sociology, and history. These authors are typically affiliated with academic institutions in Iran and around the world. We want to encourage the advancement of the economic study of Iran, especially outside of the country, and so we invite everyone—from Master’s students to the most renowned scholars—to contribute.

How do I write for Indicator?

Pitches should be sent to managing editor, Stacy Hubert (indicator@bourseandbazaar.com). Please send a short pitch that briefly explains:

  • Which news or current issue your piece will illuminate
  • What research findings and data you will use to examine this topic
  • How your post will impact business leaders’ and policymakers’ understanding of this topic

What are the submission guidelines?

Commissioned pieces will only be accepted for publication after review by a member of our editorial board. Successful pitches will demonstrate:

  • Original thinking on Iran's economy
  • Timely insights for business leaders and policymakers
  • Use of data to reinforce analysis of Iran's economy



Managing Editor


Stacy Hubert

Bourse & Bazaar