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Encouraged by Government, Iranian Entrepreneurs Dream of 'Smart Cities'

◢ Spearheaded by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Iranian government is promoting the adoption of smart city technologies to improve the efficiency and livability of Iranian cities. Drawing on government support, major corporations and new startups alike are developing and implementing new technologies in Iran, many of them homegrown.

To Transform the Fortunes of Iran’s Saffron Farmers, a Commitment to Technology and the Environment

◢ Keshmoon, an Iranian startup, connects carefully selected saffron farmers engaged in sustainable agriculture with premium consumers. The company has recently gained acclaim for its combination of ecommerce and "agritech" solutions. 

◢ Starting with an initial cohort of 30 farmers in the town of Qaen in Khorasan Province, Keshmoon is encouraging a move to sustainable agriculture. The goal is to reduce water usage through means that also help the farmers improve their livelihoods. 

Iran's E-Commerce and App Store Giants Continue March to Unicorn Valuations

◢ Two new investments by a Dutch-registered company have pushed Digikala and Café Bazaar to historic new valuations. Iran's e-commerce leader and largest app store are no longer the visionary startups of a few years ago, but rather ambitious and established enterprises. 

◢ The investments were completed discretely, but point back to Sarava, which has reportedly raised new capital in Europe. The venture capital firm is poised to further expand its dominance in Iran's tech sector.