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After Trump’s Iran Decision: Time for Europe to Step Up

◢ The E3 should now acknowledge that its negotiating tactic of accommodation and comprise with Trump has failed. If Europe is to have any influence forthcoming US policy on Iran, European governments should quickly shift tack, unifying behind a more assertive diplomatic strategy aimed at deterring the worst-case scenario of renewed Iranian nuclear program and more instability and violence in a region close to its borders. 

Trump's Unequivocal Iran Deal Withdrawal Was the Best Outcome for Iran

◢ President Trump has violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and withdrawn from a landmark arms control agreement that enjoyed broad international support. Crucially, he did so more decisively than many expected. It is this decisiveness which may offer a sliver lining for Iran and Europe, who will find it easier to coordinate a robust response in the face of such a definitive action by Trump.

Macron and Merkel Must Flex Muscles to Save Iran Nuclear Deal

◢ The forthcoming visits to Washington by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel come at a time of great importance for the Iran nuclear deal, regional security, and transatlantic relations. European policymakers are considering credible ways to signal that the EU is willing to take action if confronted with U.S. withdrawal from the deal, but a significant resolve will be needed.

Is France Ready to Stand Up to Trump on Iran?

◢ With new U.S. sanctions on Russia and Iran set to come into force, the French Foreign Ministry issued a firm statement suggesting new U.S. sanctions could contravene international law. 

◢ While Germany is likely to lead on the push back against additional Russia sanctions, the importance of the Iranian market to French enterprise may mean that Macron is best positioned to intervene with Trump to help preserve the JCPOA.