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Trump's Unequivocal Iran Deal Withdrawal Was the Best Outcome for Iran

◢ President Trump has violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and withdrawn from a landmark arms control agreement that enjoyed broad international support. Crucially, he did so more decisively than many expected. It is this decisiveness which may offer a sliver lining for Iran and Europe, who will find it easier to coordinate a robust response in the face of such a definitive action by Trump.

Macron and Merkel Must Flex Muscles to Save Iran Nuclear Deal

◢ The forthcoming visits to Washington by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel come at a time of great importance for the Iran nuclear deal, regional security, and transatlantic relations. European policymakers are considering credible ways to signal that the EU is willing to take action if confronted with U.S. withdrawal from the deal, but a significant resolve will be needed.

In Confirmation Hearing, Pompeo Unwittingly Makes Strong Case for the Iran Nuclear Deal

◢ During confirmation hearings yesterday, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo sought to ensure the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of his deep commitment to diplomacy, even in the case of Iran. But committee members were well-prepared, challenging Pompeo on his record of hawkish statements. To defend himself, Pompeo was forced to defend the JCPOA as he struggled to stick to the administration's illogical talking points.