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America’s Latest Wave of Iran Sanctions: An Explainer

◢ On 5 November, the Trump administration’s latest and most significant wave of sanctions against Iran came into effect. The US Treasury has issued a list of more than 700 Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) and Blocked Persons, which includes roughly 300 entities that did not feature in Obama-era sanctions. The new sanctions impact Iran’s oil and transportation industries and banking sector in important ways.

In Confirmation Hearing, Pompeo Unwittingly Makes Strong Case for the Iran Nuclear Deal

◢ During confirmation hearings yesterday, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo sought to ensure the members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of his deep commitment to diplomacy, even in the case of Iran. But committee members were well-prepared, challenging Pompeo on his record of hawkish statements. To defend himself, Pompeo was forced to defend the JCPOA as he struggled to stick to the administration's illogical talking points.