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Iran Sanctions Hopes Fly on Possible Delivery of Eight ATR Aircraft

◢ In a recent interview, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire expressed optimism for the delivery of eight ATR turboprops to Iran as part of a contract with Iran Air, the country’s national airline. Le Maire spoke of being “hopeful that the United States will provide authorization to deliver these aircraft.” The ATR deliveries, like the three Airbus deliveries made prior to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, are highly symbolic of the hope and expectations for increased trade and investment following the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Hold on Iran: Regime Change is Coming to Washington

◢ With the announcement March 22 that John Bolton will soon be joining Mike Pompeo in the Trump administration, US adherence to the Iran nuclear deal looks doomed.

◢ But officials in Tehran who may be arguing that Iran should also quit the JCPOA if the US does, should remain patient. The Trump administration is in trouble and the Republican majorities on which it depends in Congress are looking almost as endangered as the Iran nuclear deal.

The Iran Deal is Dead, Long Live the Iran Deal

◢ John Bolton's appointment as Trump's new national security advisor likely spells the end of the JCPOA as we know it. Bolton is a vocal opponent of the deal and seeks military confrontation with Iran. 

◢ But while Trump may finally nix the Iran Deal, he will cannot impede the forces that brought it into existence. In the long run, Iran's geopolitical significance and need for engagement will outlast Trump and keep Iran at the table alongside reasonable actors in the international community.