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How Iran is Seeking Stability in a Teetering World

◢ Amid the current fragility of the JCPOA nuclear deal, Iran finds itself mired between China’s rise, America’s retreat, Europe’s paralysis, and Russia’s ambitions. In this new era of great power competition, Iran must reassert its geopolitical importance and find its new balance in a teetering world. Iran’s greatest source of leverage remains energy exports—and not necessarily its own.

Hold on Iran: Regime Change is Coming to Washington

◢ With the announcement March 22 that John Bolton will soon be joining Mike Pompeo in the Trump administration, US adherence to the Iran nuclear deal looks doomed.

◢ But officials in Tehran who may be arguing that Iran should also quit the JCPOA if the US does, should remain patient. The Trump administration is in trouble and the Republican majorities on which it depends in Congress are looking almost as endangered as the Iran nuclear deal.