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Iranians Forced to Forgo Meat Staples as Prices Soar

◢ Working class Iranians could look forward to a hearty meal of meat stew or kabob at least once a week. But with meat prices soaring to all-time highs, Iranians are having to cut back on their consumption in yet another example of falling living standards as Iran’s economy falters under the pressure of sanctions and mismanagement.

Californian Farmers Waged 'War' on Iranian Pistachios and Won

◢ A forthcoming documentary by journalist Yasha Levine and filmmaker Roman Wernham explores the fiercely political and highly lucrative world of pistachio farming in California. Their reporting focuses on Stewart and Lynda Resnick, a billionaire couple who stumbled into pistachio farming fifty years ago as a safe haven from high inflation and taxes, only to become power-brokers on issues ranging from Californian water supplies to US sanctions on Iran.

To Transform the Fortunes of Iran’s Saffron Farmers, a Commitment to Technology and the Environment

◢ Keshmoon, an Iranian startup, connects carefully selected saffron farmers engaged in sustainable agriculture with premium consumers. The company has recently gained acclaim for its combination of ecommerce and "agritech" solutions. 

◢ Starting with an initial cohort of 30 farmers in the town of Qaen in Khorasan Province, Keshmoon is encouraging a move to sustainable agriculture. The goal is to reduce water usage through means that also help the farmers improve their livelihoods.