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Californian Farmers Waged 'War' on Iranian Pistachios and Won

◢ A forthcoming documentary by journalist Yasha Levine and filmmaker Roman Wernham explores the fiercely political and highly lucrative world of pistachio farming in California. Their reporting focuses on Stewart and Lynda Resnick, a billionaire couple who stumbled into pistachio farming fifty years ago as a safe haven from high inflation and taxes, only to become power-brokers on issues ranging from Californian water supplies to US sanctions on Iran.

Australia's MRC to Spend $2.4 Million on Further Iran Mining Exploration in 2018

◢ Mineral Commodities Limited, a listed Australian junior mining company, has entered the Iranian market. MRC has signed agreements that give it rights to majority stakes in two mining projects producing gold and copper in the northwest of Iran. 

◢ The company has reviewed thirty projects so far, and has earmarked a USD 2.4 million dollars for further exploration in 2018.