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The Other "Forgotten Man": A Look at Iran's Blue-Collar Workforce

◢ Iran's blue-collar workforce is the backbone of the country's economy, but has been largely overlooked by international policymakers and business leaders as a key stakeholder group. 

◢ The new populist political environment in the West requires new ways of positioning the Iran Deal. Increasing awareness of Iran's working class could be a powerful way to connect to Western electorates.

Masters of Montage: Peugeot and Iran's Auto Industry

◢ Iran Khodro (IKCO) announced the re-entry of its French partner PSA Peugeot Citroen into the Iranian automobile market through a new joint venture. 

◢ The deal will see 30 percent of jointly produced cars in Iran exported to regional markets. As Iran Khodro’s managing director Hashem Yekke-Zare emphasized, the deal promises to create a regional auto manufacturing hub in the Persian Gulf.