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Can Blocking Regulations Help Europe Protect Its Iran Business From Trump?

◢ In the last week, European business leaders and policymakers have grown more vocal about the possibility that the European Union would employ blocking regulations to protect European businesses from the reach of US secondary sanctions on Iran.

◢ Despite limits to their legal effectiveness, blocking regulations can serve as part of the suite of political, legal, and commercial measures employed by European governments to protect their businesses in Iran.

Rentierism and Rivalry Between Riyadh and Tehran

◢ Though widely described as move to consolidate political power, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's  decision to arrest members of the Saudi elite points to anxiety about Saudi Arabia's economic prospects and the risks of rentierism. 

◢ The rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is driven by the fact that the Kingdom is increasingly economically vulnerable at a time when Iran's fortunes are set to improve. 

Oil Giant Total Takes to Twitter to Underscore Iran Commitment

◢ In a series of tweets published on Tuesday, Total's press office pushed back on reports that the company is rethinking its Iran strategy in light of pressure from the United States. 

◢ The tweets emphasize that Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné sees no political barriers to the South Pars gas deal, and is simply waiting to see whether following Congressional action legal conditions will allow the deal to move forward. 

Boeing, Iran, and American Jobs

◢ The first new Boeing jetliner is likely to be delivered to Iran Air later this month in what will a historic moment for US-Iran relations. 

◢ Boeing's deal with Iran Air represents a unique instance in which an American company's exports to Iran directly support American jobs. This simple fact may provide a framework on which US-Iran ties could be stablizied during the course of the Trump administration.

Smarter Iran Policy Could Give Trump Leverage to Protect American Jobs

◢ Donald Trump recently underscored his intention to protect American jobs by making an extraordinary intervention at a Carrier factory in Indiana. 

◢ A look at Carrier and Indiana's other top employers illustrates how across the United States, major businesses have traded with Iran. Trump should use Iran policy as leverage to either boost US exports, or incentivize multinationals to keep American jobs.

The Politics of Sanctions Relief in Iran: Three Roles for the Private Sector

◢ As politicians and analysts consider the wisdom of offering Iran sanctions relief in exchange for restrictions on the country’s nuclear program, a key stakeholder group remains unaccounted for in the debate – the private sector. 

 Private sector leaders can play three vital roles to help bring a brighter economic and political future to Iran— interlocutors, stewards, and creators. 

Masters of Montage: Peugeot and Iran's Auto Industry

◢ Iran Khodro (IKCO) announced the re-entry of its French partner PSA Peugeot Citroen into the Iranian automobile market through a new joint venture. 

◢ The deal will see 30 percent of jointly produced cars in Iran exported to regional markets. As Iran Khodro’s managing director Hashem Yekke-Zare emphasized, the deal promises to create a regional auto manufacturing hub in the Persian Gulf.