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Iranian Women Face Uphill Battle Toward Equal Pay

◢ According to data compiled by IranSalary, the country's first specialized online platform for remunerations, Iranian women earned 27 percent less than their male counterparts in the previous Iranian year (ended March 2018). The wage gap has widened in recent years, rising from an average of 23 percent three years ago. For Aseyeh Hatami, Founder of IranTalent and IranSalary, bringing greater equality to Iran’s job market is a personal and professional mission.

As Delays Mount in Iran, Executives and Employers Face Tough Career Choices

◢ In multinational companies, the prospect of earning a promotion is largely tied to the ability to meet targets and hit milestones with speed. For exectuives, working on Iran-related projects in the present environment makes this difficult to do.

◢ For employers, longer project timeframes make management and staffing more difficult. In the current environment, the main concern around human resource management is not recruitment, but retention. To improve retention, companies finding ways to encourage and reward persistence

New Survey Examines Iranian Attitudes Towards Foreign Investment, Multinational Companies

◢ New survey conducted by IranPoll in partnership with Bourse & Bazaar looks at Iranian attitudes towards economic reform and foreign investment with new detail

◢ Iranians demonstrate high degree of openness to foreign investment and the economic reforms necessary to facilitate that investment. But they want multinational companies to do more to localize their offerings effectively. 

Boeing, Iran, and American Jobs

◢ The first new Boeing jetliner is likely to be delivered to Iran Air later this month in what will a historic moment for US-Iran relations. 

◢ Boeing's deal with Iran Air represents a unique instance in which an American company's exports to Iran directly support American jobs. This simple fact may provide a framework on which US-Iran ties could be stablizied during the course of the Trump administration.

The Other "Forgotten Man": A Look at Iran's Blue-Collar Workforce

◢ Iran's blue-collar workforce is the backbone of the country's economy, but has been largely overlooked by international policymakers and business leaders as a key stakeholder group. 

◢ The new populist political environment in the West requires new ways of positioning the Iran Deal. Increasing awareness of Iran's working class could be a powerful way to connect to Western electorates.

Smarter Iran Policy Could Give Trump Leverage to Protect American Jobs

◢ Donald Trump recently underscored his intention to protect American jobs by making an extraordinary intervention at a Carrier factory in Indiana. 

◢ A look at Carrier and Indiana's other top employers illustrates how across the United States, major businesses have traded with Iran. Trump should use Iran policy as leverage to either boost US exports, or incentivize multinationals to keep American jobs.