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Under Trump, US Sale of Medical Goods to Iran Down Nearly 40%

◢ With just two weeks until Trump reimposes secondary sanctions on Iran, administration officials are under increasing pressure to prove that the returning sanctions will not adversely impact humanitarian trade. Looking to US Census Bureau export data, a clear pattern emerges—the export of humanitarian goods like food and medicine remains significantly lower than average monthly values registered during the Obama years.

Ambiguity in Trump Sanctions Could Put Humanitarian Trade with Iran at Risk

◢ In the years when Iran was under broad international sanctions, the country saw shortages in key foodstuffs and life-saving medicines. Despite attestations to the contrary, international sanctions hurt the Iranian people in cruel ways. As Iranians prepare for the return of U.S. sanctions, concerning ambiguity in OFAC’s new sanctions guidance may undermine the longstanding exemptions for humanitarian trade and the carve-outs for the Iranian banks which facilitate these sales.

American Medical Company Second Sight Enters Iranian Market

◢ Second Sight has entered the Iranian market with two procedures in Shiraz. Patients were implanted with the Argus II system, which provides an artificial form of useful vision to those suffering from degenerative loss of sight. 

◢ The company entered into a partnership with Iranian firm Arshia Gostar Darman in 2016 and holds a license from the U.S. Department of Treasury that permits the sale of its devices Iran.