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Closure of Tehran Bazaar Reflects Fierce Elite Competition, Not Popular Politics

◢ The bazaar of today is not the bazaar of forty years ago, and no longer plays the same role as a key actor in Iran’s popular political mobilizations. The recent bazaar closures reflect primarily the economic self-interest of bazaar elite, who sense an opportunity to put the brakes on reforms that threaten their unique capacities for lucrative arbitrage. Protests are being co-opted as a political tool at the expense of genuine civil society mobilization.

In First Survey Since Iran Protests, Expressions of Solidarity as Economic Outlook Darkens

◢ A timely new survey published by the University of Maryland’s Center for International and Security Studies (CISSM) offers the first insights into Iranian public sentiments following last month’s protests. 

◢ The results underscore the central role that economic frustration played in the recent mobilizations and illuminate a common thread of economic frustration. A clear 58 percent of respondents believe that Iran's economic conditions are worsening, the highest proportion since May 2015.

Iranian Protests And The Working Class

◢ There is growing consensus that the core constituency of the recent wave of protests in Iran is working class youth who feel "forgotten" in the country's economic plan. 

◢ The expected post-sanctions windfall has yet to materialize and the Rouhani administration will need to decide whether it will compromise on its austerity-type budgets in order to offer some near-term economic relief.