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Poll Shows Iranian Attitudes Towards Europe Becoming More Negative

◢ A new survey conducted by research firm IranPoll offers the first insights into Iranian public sentiment following the reimposition of US secondary sanctions on Iran. The new wave of polling helps confirm recent reporting from Iran that support for the JCPOA has fallen, with just 51 percent of respondents approving of the deal down from 55 percent in January 2018. For European policymakers, the new polling should offer a stark warning it must refocus its political and economic efforts to save the nuclear deal.

In First Survey Since Iran Protests, Expressions of Solidarity as Economic Outlook Darkens

◢ A timely new survey published by the University of Maryland’s Center for International and Security Studies (CISSM) offers the first insights into Iranian public sentiments following last month’s protests. 

◢ The results underscore the central role that economic frustration played in the recent mobilizations and illuminate a common thread of economic frustration. A clear 58 percent of respondents believe that Iran's economic conditions are worsening, the highest proportion since May 2015.

The Politics of Sanctions Relief in Iran: Three Roles for the Private Sector

◢ As politicians and analysts consider the wisdom of offering Iran sanctions relief in exchange for restrictions on the country’s nuclear program, a key stakeholder group remains unaccounted for in the debate – the private sector. 

 Private sector leaders can play three vital roles to help bring a brighter economic and political future to Iran— interlocutors, stewards, and creators.