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Rising Prices Push Homebuyers Out of Iran's Capital

◢ A 41 percent rise in Tehran City’s average home prices has left some residents, especially renters, with no option but to leave the capital for more affordable housing units in suburban areas close to Tehran. As per the latest national census, Karaj was the top destination for residents moving out of Tehran during the five years to December 2017. In just the last three months, more than 53,000 individuals have moved from Tehran to Karaj City. In the first quarter of the Iranian fiscal year, the Karaj housing market recorded 65 percent growth in home sales and an 18 percent increase in the average price of residential units.

Encouraged by Government, Iranian Entrepreneurs Dream of 'Smart Cities'

◢ Spearheaded by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Iranian government is promoting the adoption of smart city technologies to improve the efficiency and livability of Iranian cities. Drawing on government support, major corporations and new startups alike are developing and implementing new technologies in Iran, many of them homegrown.