Event Program 2018


This is our most ambitious program ever, encompassing three round tables in cities across Europe and two conferences, including the fifth edition of the Europe-Iran Forum and a new one-day financial summit. 

Our commitment to holding world-class Iran events is more timely than ever. Significant uncertainty hangs over the business community. Despite the present challenges, the business community has made important strides since that time. In the last few years, executives in Europe and Iran have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to find lasting solutions for Iran trade and investment. To take advantage of this knowledge, Bourse & Bazaar is shifting its event formats away from a dependence on panel presentations towards expertly-moderated working group meetings. In 2018, attending a Bourse & Bazaar event will not be about just listening, but actively participating in technical and high-impact discussions with senior business leaders and policymakers.  If you are ready to contribute, you can pre-register for the planned events at the links below and reserve your "seat at the table." 



Iran Financial Future Summit

Brussels - May 29

5th Europe-Iran Forum

Paris - November 14


Round Tables


March 13


May 8


May 9