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Iraq Likely Theater if US, Iran Tensions Worsen: Study

◢ Iraq could bear the brunt if conflict intensifies between Iran and the United States, a think-tank study said Wednesday. The International Crisis Group, which researches ways to prevent war, interviewed officials around the world including Iran for an extensive report on the state of the 2015 denuclearization accord between Tehran and major powers.

Trump Sanctions Set to Bite Iran, But What Next?

◢ Six months after President Donald Trump bolted from a nuclear deal on Iran, the United States from Monday will try to strangle the country's economy with sweeping sanctions, but doubts abound on how effective the campaign will be. But much has changed since the Obama administration targeted Iran's economy in 2012. Obama won broad international support as he set a goal of bringing Iran to the table to end its nuclear program.

Trump Warns World Against Business With Iran As Sanctions Return

◢ US President Donald Trump warned the world Tuesday against doing business with Iran as Washington reimposed "the most biting sanctions ever" on the Islamic republic, triggering a mix of anger, fear and defiance in Tehran. Trump's May withdrawal from a landmark 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran had spooked investors and triggered a run on the Iranian rial long before the punishing sanctions went back into force.