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Fate of Iran Deal Now in Europe's Hands: Obama Advisor

◢ Rob Malley, the conflict resolution specialist and former adviser to Barack Obama who helped negotiate the Iran nuclear accord, has no doubt that Donald Trump will now try to kill it. The US president is expected to announce on Tuesday that he will re-impose economic sanctions on Tehran—effectively pulling the US out—but that does not mean the deal is dead and buried.

Trump Set to Announce Iran Sanctions Move That May Kill Nuclear Deal

◢ President Donald Trump will confirm on Tuesday whether he will make good on a threat to re-impose US sanctions on Tehran and thereby throw the entire Iran nuclear deal into question. Trump's announcement that a decision was imminent cut short a last-ditch European diplomatic drive to save the accord ahead of what had been a May 12 deadline.

Iran Warns US It Would Regret Quitting Nuclear Deal

◢ Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that if the United States quits the nuclear deal then Washington will regret it "like never before", as British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson scrambles to save the agreement during talks with the Trump administration Monday.

Iran Envoy to UK Warns it May Scrap Nuclear Deal if US Withdraws

◢ Iran's ambassador to Britain said Tehran will consider walking away from the nuclear deal if the United States withdraws from the agreement, in an interview aired Wednesday. Hamid Baeidinejad, the country's top envoy in London, said Iran would "be ready to go back to the previous situation" if America pulls out of the 2015 pact, as threatened by US President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu's Iran Nuke Claims Fail to Convince Deal Proponents

◢ Israel began sharing an intelligence trove on Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions Tuesday, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced accusations his televised unveiling of it lacked evidence a 2015 accord had been violated. The presentation that included props, video and slides immediately led to accusations from some that the White House and Netanyahu coordinated it as Trump considers whether to pull out of the nuclear deal he has harshly criticized.

Iran Leader Keen to Boost Ties With World, 'Not Merely' US and Europe

◢ Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday that Iran is keen to develop ties with the rest of the world, which is "not merely" the United States and European countries. The powerful leader's remarks, published on the website, come with the United States threatening to quit a landmark 2015 nuclear deal with the Islamic republic.

Putin, Macron Urge 'Strict' Observance of Iran Nuclear Accord: Kremlin

◢ Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron on Monday called for the "strict observance" of the current Iran nuclear accord, with US President Donald Trump still deciding whether to scrap the agreement. The statement was released after Macron called Putin to inform him of his talks with Trump in the United States.

Europe Backs Iran Deal as 'Best Way' to Counter Nuclear Threat

◢ The leaders of Britain, France and Germany have reiterated their commitment to the Iran nuclear deal "as the best way of neutralizing the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran", Downing Street said Sunday. Prime Minister Theresa May talked by phone with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday and Sunday.

'No Decision' by Trump on Iran Nuclear Deal: Bolton

◢ US President Donald Trump has not decided whether or not to scrap the Iran nuclear deal, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said Sunday. Trump has called the existing accord "insane" and "ridiculous," in part because its restrictions start to expire in 2025.

'No Decision' Yet on Iran Deal: Mattis

◢ Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday said no decision had been made on whether the United States is going to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. President Donald Trump is due on May 12 to announce his decision about whether America will stay in the historic pact, as US and European diplomats work on a supplemental deal to address his concerns.

Merkel Heads for Tough Trump Talks on Trade, Iran Nuclear Deal

◢ German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits US President Donald Trump on Friday for a last-ditch European effort to prevent a transatlantic trade war and save the Iran nuclear deal. Merkel's working trip is expected to be far more business-like than this week's pomp-filled state visit by French President Emmanuel Macron, who has built a warm rapport with Trump despite stark policy differences.

France's Macron Pessimistic About Future of Iran Nuclear Pact

◢ Donald Trump may well pull out of the Iran nuclear deal for domestic political reasons, French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday, after he and his American counterpart held talks addressing the agreement's future. Macron told US media that while he did not know specifically what Trump will decide, he believes the US leader "will get rid of this deal on his own, for domestic reasons." 

Trump, Macron Call for 'New' Nuclear Deal with Iran

◢ US President Donald Trump and French counterpart Emmanuel Macron called for a "new" deal with Iran Tuesday, looking beyond disagreements over a landmark nuclear accord that still hangs in the balance. Trump laid transatlantic divisions bare during a visit by the French president, pillorying a three-year old agreement designed to curb Iran's nuclear program.

Netanyahu Turns Up Volume as Iran Deadline Nears

◢ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a fresh call Monday for an overhaul of the Iran nuclear deal as US President Donald Trump's deadline for further Iranian concessions edged closer. Netanyahu said the 2015 agreement leaves Iran able to quickly reboot its nuclear program to enable military production.

Russia, China to Stop Bid to 'Sabotage' Iran Deal: Lavrov

◢ China and Russia will block any attempts to "sabotage" the Iran nuclear agreement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday, as US President Donald Trump mulls whether to scrap the deal. He was speaking on the eve of a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, a regional security bloc spearheaded by Moscow and Beijing.