Iran Business Confidence Tracker

The Iran Business Confidence Tracker is a first-of-its-kind, periodic survey initiative from Bourse & Bazaar Research (B&BR).

About the Survey


This online survey, administered to business executives from international companies seeking to conduct business in Iran. The results of this survey will provide clarity on the challenges facing international companies pursuing trade and investment opportunities in post-sanctions Iran and the overall sentiment of the business community in the ability to manage and overcome those challenges. The survey is strictly anonymous and will take 15 minutes to complete. 


Published Surveys


The Power of Opinion Polling

Bourse & Bazaar Research (B&BR) is a market research company that uses the power of opinion polling to unlock commercial opportunities in the “Eurasian Keystone” markets—the economic region which includes Turkey, the Caucuses, Iran, and Central Asia.

B&BR is a partnership between Bourse & Bazaar, a leading emerging markets media company, and People Analytics, a world-class market research firm. We believe that high quality research is a critical part of successful corporate strategies.