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European Executives in Iran Ask: 'Should I Stay or Should I Go?'

◢ Many European businesses are pulling out of Iran for fear of being entangled in US sanctions. But these companies are overstating the complexity of the situation. Compliant business in Iran is not only possible, it is also ethically important because it helps support employees who not only face unemployment but will also no longer be influenced by values that promote increased understanding and tolerance in Iranian society. Recognizing such social obligations, Western companies in Iran cannot hide behind the sanctions if their real reason to leave or restructure is lost business result from the management’s lack of business skills, capabilities, and commitment.

As Delays Mount in Iran, Executives and Employers Face Tough Career Choices

◢ In multinational companies, the prospect of earning a promotion is largely tied to the ability to meet targets and hit milestones with speed. For exectuives, working on Iran-related projects in the present environment makes this difficult to do.

◢ For employers, longer project timeframes make management and staffing more difficult. In the current environment, the main concern around human resource management is not recruitment, but retention. To improve retention, companies finding ways to encourage and reward persistence

The Politics of Sanctions Relief in Iran: Three Roles for the Private Sector

◢ As politicians and analysts consider the wisdom of offering Iran sanctions relief in exchange for restrictions on the country’s nuclear program, a key stakeholder group remains unaccounted for in the debate – the private sector. 

 Private sector leaders can play three vital roles to help bring a brighter economic and political future to Iran— interlocutors, stewards, and creators.