Special Report on a New Banking Architecture in Response to US Sanctions

◢ Drawing from discussions held at the Iran Financial Future Summit on May 29, this report outlines a "new banking architecture" to facilitate Europe-Iran trade and investment in the face of U.S. secondary sanctions. At the center of this architecture is the creation of an "EU-OFAC," a regulatory body that would support measures in compliance and legal protection. The report is a joint publication of the European Leadership Network and Bourse & Bazaar.

Special Report on the Economic Implementation of the JCPOA

◢ Following President Trump's decision to reissue key sanctions waivers and keep the United States in the Iran Deal for the time being, Bourse & Bazaar is launching a special report on the two year anniversary of the implementation of the JCPOA. This report draws on a new survey designed and implemented in collaboration with International Crisis Group. The survey includes detailed insights from over 60 multinational senior executives working in Iran. The survey was administered in December 2017. 

Experts Survey on Business Confidence (Oct. 2017)

◢ A survey taken among a sample of business, government, and civil society leaders reveals that most respondents anticipate the United States to re-impose the sanctions that were lifted under the nuclear agreement (JCPOA). Also, a majority of both Iranian and non-Iranian expert respondents agree that if the sanctions are re-imposed, European companies would become averse to trading and investing in Iran.

Survey on Iranian Economic Attitudes (Sept. 2017)

◢ Large majorities of Iranians say growing trade and business tides between Iran and other countries is mostly beneficial for Iran and believe that Iran would mostly benefit from allowing multinational companies to freely compete with Iranian companies. Large majorities also think that Iran should make it easier for multinational companies to operate inside Iran.